ACC Complaints

ACC Complaints is the Unit in ACC that is supposed to resolve conflict between ACC and the claimants it is supposed to support. The presence of this department is a classic case of impression management straight out of the Corporate Sociopath Manual 101.


The Corporation uses the Complaints Unit to give the impression that disputes can and will be resolved fairly and independently. This allows the Minister of the day and unaffected members of the public to indulge in a very dangerous illusion.


In the era of the Purge (2008-2014) the Complaints Unit was noted for the openly cynical to hostile attitude it held towards claimants in general. After the Corporation's excesses could no longer be denied by even the most mealy mouthed sycophantic hypocrite an effort was made to clean up the Complaints Unit act.


Currently when a claimant contacts the Complaints Unit they will be greeted by a very friendly individual who will come across as very determined to right whatever wrong. The response will be empathic, warm and professionally courteous and as worthless as a $13 dollar bill.


The Complaints Unit simply seeks to make a claimant feel good about being screwed over by the Corporation. If a claimant pushes the issue it is only then the old Complaints Unit we all know and despise shows its true face once more.


Findings will be produced that are as mealy mouthed and self-serving as ever. This Unit and the staff within it are solely there to protect the Corporation from liability as much as possible. Be sure in your mind that these people are not your friends, they must never be trusted and honeyed words and false promises were ever the tools of the Devil.


While it is tempting to try and resolve issues in the hope of avoiding a protracted and fraught appeal process my advice is to only engage with Complaints after any appeal has concluded. Otherwise the claimant is only giving information to the Corporation about their intentions for the appeal and given an entirely false sense that the issue may be resolved.


Claimants should focus all their energy on their appeal and avoid drinking from the poisoned chalice we know as ACC Complaints.

The Code of Claimants Rights provides you with the dream. We work hard to sanitize the cruel and the obscene.