The Accident Compensation Corporation

It has been four years since the Purge of 2009 - 2013 and those of us who fought the Corporation in that period were promised much in the way of reform. As far as the Sensitive Claims Unit is concerned there has been significant reform resulting in a fragile truce between the Unit and the Claimants it is tasked with administering.


This is not to say that the Unit is free from issues and that everyone is receiving stellar service. Far from it. The basic intent is there though and the Sensitive Claims process is protected and supported to a degree by the famous Disley report.


This is not the case for General Claimants however. Whilst acting on a General Claim I have discovered that the reassurances of the ACC Executive are in fact worthless to General Claimants. A particular group of General Claimants has been identified as extremely vulnerable.


These Claimants are the Self-Employed and Share Holder Employees especially new Self-Employed and Share Holder Employees. Attempts to resolve the identified issues have proven to be fruitless and the stated will of the ACC Executive, a falsehood designed to divert attention off the Corporation's practices and processes.


On that basis Cassandra is now in adversarial mode as far as General Claims are concerned. As far as the SCU is concerned Cassandra remains in non-adversarial mode but is adhering to a state of readiness.


To see what ACC has done and why it has done it and what it is prepared to do, obtain membership (free) and read the detailed, documented case of Claimant X. There you will witness the irresistible force taking on the immovable object in what may well be the most brutal legal firefight in ACC history.


In the meantime members and non-members alike can find generic information on this site that may help in the struggle.

The Accident Compensation Corporation's Sensitive Claims Unit is responsible for the administration of claims relating to sexual assault.