Asia Argento

Asia Argento is an Italian actress who was unfortunate enough to be targeted by Harvey Weinstein and was raped as a result. Asia is a close ally and friend of Rose McGowan and Asia has been campaigning hard to ensure better protection for women in Europe.


It is fair to say that Asia has suffered significant push back for her efforts and has recently lost her friend and partner Anthony Bourdain.  This loss has been compounded by the attitudes of people who resent Asia and Rose.


These people actively blame Asia for the suicide. Rose McGowan put up a video, reaching out to her supporters and her army and I have rarely seen such utter devastation. Rose is also facing abuse for daring to support her friend.


I write this because I want people to know how cruel and vile a lot of people are and to recognize the sacrifice these brave women are making on our behalf. I will let Asia tell you all how it is in her own words but I will be writing more about this remarkable woman later.