Return of the Corporate Sociopath

10th of August 2017

It has been three brief years since the Corporation pledged a commitment to fair and reasonable process. The Corporation had reached the end of a political cycle where the poor treatment of injury victims had reached excesses that could no longer be denied. Yet activists and advocates are also subject to political cycles and the reality they bring.


The Corporation, having realized that the public was getting a little too restless started to pour on the feel good routine. If those of us who know exactly what we are looking at continued to criticize and lambaste the Corporation then we get painted as unreasonable agitators. Now this cycle has come to an end and the evidence is such that the Corporation is exposed for what it really is.

Once upon a time

I ripped the wings from my spine

But when I hide inside your eyes

I still pretend that I can fly


Otep Shamaya

In truth the real Corporation was never far away and significant effort has been put into impression management. Another fact in need of mention is that many low end Corporation staff members also believed that reforms were taking place. I am certain that a percentage of Corporation staff at nearly all levels supported reform.


Under Nikki Kaye the reformers were able to make some inroads and for a while there things were slowly improving for claimants. Then we lost Nikki Kaye as Minister and we ended up being lumped with Michael Woodhouse. The Government replaced an exceptional talent with a raw mediocrity and reformer ambition ended with the abruptness of an egg hitting a National Party billboard.


The agents of hubris and misery have once again reestablished themselves and tried and true subversive processes are becoming increasingly apparent. People need to be warned that they are dealing with individuals who have taken it upon themselves to decide who is worthy of entitlement, without regard for the requirements of the legislation or human rights.


Any tactic no matter how immoral can and will be used against any claimant if it is expedient for the Corporation to utilize it.  Be sure the Corporation is more than comfortable with making claims against claimants veracity regardless of evidence. It is not unknown for the Corporation to "bear false witness".

I have received information from a very reliable source that all the political parties are well aware the Corporation is a law unto itself. There is little appetite to get involved as many have tried and failed. The Corporation simply spouts its drivel in authoritative tone until the issues are so confused people simply give up. The Corporation has successfully ridden out the hits it has taken in the political arena and here it is, still oppressing those it is meant to help unchecked. Couple this ever increasing sense of impunity with the advent of a Minister who amounts to an a utter zero and it is little wonder that the old Corporation has returned like an recurring infection.


I believe that the best chance there is for reform at ACC is the appointment of a Commissioner to provide over sight of the Corporation's operations. It is simple truth that the Corporation cannot be trusted. All the promises and statements committing to fairness are an illusionary falsehood spouted by a false God.


The one exception is the Sensitive Claims Unit. The commitment to address issues in a constructive and inclusive manner in the Unit is a stand out exception in a sorry state of affairs. Sensitive Claimants can remain reasonably assured.