New Free Members Area

Dealing with Corporation issues is an ongoing matter that requires consideration and adaptability. As Corporation tactics evolve then so must we adapt our own in response.


It was not that long ago that the most public battle possible was desirable. Indeed open warfare has been a strategy adopted by many, myself included.


However the times now demand an element of sophistication and a basic adherence to decorum and professionalism. The times also demand a degree of protection from certain elements who are incapable of seeing past their own issues.


With these factors in mind I have created a members only area that I will use to provide information. Membership is free but is invite only at this stage. There is moderation but only two banned topics which will be detailed at sign up.


Members will have access to exclusive information and have a safe and constructive environment in which to seek redress for their issues.


The Violation of Claimant X is coming this week. You will be amazed and dare I say disturbed to learn just what the Corporation has been up to.