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General information


The SCU is still "safe", not perfect but far better than any previous incarnation of the Unit. This cannot be said for other areas of the Corporation however. It has come to pass that information has come to light that raises some serious matters. These matters must be addressed and I see a time of conflict ahead. Sensitive Claimants however can be assured the SCU is not part of what is to come.






Major Site Update


15th of June 2018



Cassandra has be redesigned to make navigation easier and other general improvements. I have also added in a whole new consideration that contributes to Cassandra's wider stated purpose. Cassandra will be expanding on Survivor specific themes. With this in mind I will be publishing material on renegade survivor activists and other pertinent information. The Claimant X project has been shelved as the individual in question proved unworthy of the effort. The Forum that was part of this Site has been closed due to a lack of need.





Important Notice


13th of April 2017


It has been a long time and much has happened with much to happen. I will start off with an exciting development. Various clusters of Sensitive Claimants are linking together over the next few weeks for the purpose of forming a collective support group. This group is being organized and consolidated by a woman who is very active in the Sensitive Claim call.


At a Cassandra level, all those involved with Cassandra can expect to receive important information as it comes to hand through email. Consolidation with the other groups will open a larger private network and contribute to the development of comprehensive private databases.


At an ACC level I am confident that the SCU is the best it has ever been but I have concerns about developments at a wider political / administration level. I am aware that the wider Sensitive Claimant issues are much like the housing market. When certain conditions manifest the political environment  can alter quickly.


Two key indicators of potential issues are present. There has been a sharp increase in Sensitive Claims over the last few months. There has also been an increase to references to ACC's cost increases and dire predictions of fiscal blowout. In the event the Minister or the ACC Board decide to apply the razor we can be assured the SCU will not be immune.


At a Fairway level I had a meeting with the new CEO recently. New processes are being put into the Review process which are comprehensive and will assist claimants in general. The meeting was to discuss how Sensitive Claimant issues would be addressed in the process and a satisfactory outcome was achieved for both parties. The changes are the result of the efforts of Acclaim Otago who drove the creation of the Barrier to Justice Report. The report was investigated and the recommendations of that report are now being implemented. Acclaim Otago has secured one of the most important outcomes for all claimants at at time where they may very well be needed more than ever.


20th of May 2016


I have reopened the ACC section which deals with some of the basic ACC process. It was decided to alter Cassandra Complex to present a more neutral position on SCU claim management to facilitate dialogue and processes that will assist claimants in the future.  It is fair to say that ACC management have been constructive and reasonable when issues have been presented to them.


30th of March 2016


Cassandra is temporarily shutting down the ACC section of Cassandra Complex. The reason for this is because Cassandra is moving from an activist / advocacy  role to a facilitation / advocacy role. I am now confident that the SCU is moving in the right direction and that the time has come for Cassandra to work with the Corporation in ensuring the best possible outcome for Sensitive Claimants. I will be working in conjunction with another Sensitive Claimant who has already done much work and achieved some serious results. Cassandra was put in place to protect the interests of all Sensitive Claimants and it is my firmly held view that goal can be achieved through discussion and negotiation as opposed to an adversarial process. Cassandra has demonstrated that we have it what it takes to defend our interests and ACC has demonstrated that it is committed to an honest dialogue. On that basis Cassandra is now working to make the peace work for us all.  I anticipate a reworked ACC section will be back on line in the near future that is more reflective of the new environment we are dealing with.



Important Notice


24th of January 2016



Best wishes to all my clients and visitors to my site for the new year. This is a year of significant change for Cassandra and I have been putting much thought into the direction Cassandra needs to take in her evolution. 2015 saw me focusing on establishing lines of communications that will allow me to achieve meaningful outcomes for Sensitive Claimants. I am pleased to announce these efforts have resulted in a huge success. 2016 will see me striving to consolidate this success.


Another significant project will be the refurbishing of Cassandra Shield and Cassandra Complex to reflect the new and exciting direction Cassandra is taking this year. Cassandra Shield will be updated to focus on the issues of dealing with the Accident Compensation Corporation in conjunction with offering a wide range of specialized services. Cassandra Complex will be solely focused on the issues pertaining to sexual abuse. There will be a section that will be address the issues surrounding male survivors of sexual abuse. Authentic people of both genders who exhibit the qualities that empower sexual abuse victims will be promoted regardless of politic or creed. Sensitive Claimants will be given the chance to make their own contribution. Cassandra strives to empower us all without the liabilities that come from relying on others who use our issues to further their own agendas.






Recent Updates to the Site


As at the 18th of Sept 2015


Trust Meter added.


Medical Section enabled.


Legal Section enabled. (Work in progress)


ACC News enabled.


Updates to the format of the Opinion Section and a new article added.