Rise with Rose McGowan's Rose Army

Rose McGowan is woman of vision. Rose evidently learned a long time ago that we are not going to be treated decently or with respect unless we back up our rights with long sharp teeth. I wholly concur with this view.


Rose Army is primarily an army of thought but Rose McGowan shows us the strength in numbers and the power of the collective by offering a means for Survivors everywhere to rise in any way necessary to ensure our rights and our survival.


No more shall we be silent Brothers and Sisters. We also know the score. We know that even though the SCU is the one area that the Oppressor Corporation has actually made steps to improve we know what happened in the past do we not?


With this in mind we need to ensure our futures and Rose McGowan shows us the way. Never again will they find us alone and unprepared.


Rose Army also offers the chance to stand with the women who are making history. Rose McGowan is showing all of us who are outsiders and denied the privileges of the establishment how to become a power in our right. Our time is now.