The Rise of the  Crucifier

Rose McGowan. The woman who was instrumental in bringing the culture of rape and exploitation that lurked behind the facade of Hollywood into the light of day. Loved, hated and feared in equal measure it is fair to say that Rose McGowan is one of the faces of a new breed of female activists.


I will go on record here and admit that before the #metoo movement I had not the faintest idea that Rose McGowan actually existed. It was only when I started to hear people saying nasty things about her in relation to mainstream media articles that I took a closer look. What I discovered was a strong and incredibly intelligent woman fighting fang and claw for her very survival as her enemies closed in around her. Fascinated I looked into the life and rise of Rose McGowan and saw one of the most screwed over human beings I have ever witnessed.


Rare it is to see such courage and tenacity coupled with a mind that was taught little but who learned beyond the comprehension of many. Rose's life is detailed in her book Brave which I recommend to anyone who wants or needs an insight into our world. However I will detail some basics here so we can see where Rose began.


Rose was subjected to a great deal. Anything and everything she ever loved no matter how small was either taken from her or destroyed by others for their foul amusement. Despised for her intellect, found so threatening by the weak, desired for her beauty and largely alone in the world, Rose was a prime target for abuse and so it came to pass.



For everything they suffered it was me

who did their crying

Asia Argento delivers an important public message.

However as it happens there are always people in this world it pays not to fuck with and Rose McGowan firmly fits into that category. So like any good Virgo Rose sat down to balance the ledger. For 20 years she planned her rise, writing a book, making a TV series and an album to present her reality and vision to the world.


Yet it is fair to say that the message Rose intended on delivering was not welcomed by many. Facing an entire corporate driven rape culture and accompanying abusers and enablers Rose was aware she was up against it. Not only that but the generally ignorant would be there to play their role in the ongoing abuse of Rose McGowan.


Rose found herself being screamed at and abused from all directions. Some shrieked for her to shut her mouth, others berated her for not speaking for their cause. If Rose is silent she is cold and uncaring, if she speaks she is a narcissist making everything about her. Apparently all ill and evil in the world can be traced firmly to the feet of Rose McGowan.


Women who claimed to be survivors openly mocked the circumstances of Rose's violation  at the hands of Harvey Weinstein. Men lined up to slut shame her and both sexes labeled her a whore. How was one woman expected to face such things. Well as it happens Rose had thought about that also. Two years before her public rise she did what any sensible woman would do and that is raise an Army. Naturally.


Rose Army, the foundation of Rose McGowan's strength and power. Rose Army was always a model of promotion and thoughts and ideas. Rose's ambition is that people will join this Army of thought and improve their thinking by ten percent. Rose Army has served other purposes of course. Rose Army pushes back against those who would hurt Rose. This is an essential process and Rose is facing her demons as a largely unsupported renegade.


This is because Rose would not sign up to the more sanitized movement dominating Hollywood. Black dresses and a few mumbling statements do not meet the requirements of Rose's vision and Rose is a person who will never sell herself out no matter the cost. This is especially true when one has an Army of one's own.


It came time for Rose to reveal to the world who had assaulted her and Rose did so with a cold proficiency. Rose Army convulsed in its fury and when Harvey Weinstein countered with his own statement Rose screamed for Rose Army to rise and rise it did, its rage reverberating across the ether.


The response was blanket shock. Who was this woman who could whip up such a storm? People had rarely witnessed such a wholesale fury as Rose Army howled for justice for their Queen. Certainly not from Survivors who are more known for their avoidance over confrontation. Fear dominated the ether. People muttered about men being dragged off in chains and the end to all flirting in all its forms.


Rose sought to make an impact and she smashed into Hollywood and the establishment like a freight train. This was a woman who could not be diverted or dissuaded. This was a woman who would dive upon her enemies like the Divine Wind with her own Rose Army swooping in with her.


I should mention at this point Rose has not been entirely alone and with the Virgo way of seeking out quality over quantity Rose has found a faithful ally in another leading renegade activist Asia Argento. Asia deserves her own article but the love these two women have for each other has to be recognized here.


These women are ushering in a new age for survivors with a focus on a hybrid dynamic of group and individual empowerment. They are the women of Generation X and their names are burned in history for all time. Rose and Asia are taking the fight back to the enemy and as Asia said: "You know who you are. But most importantly, we know who you are, and we’re not going to allow you to get away with it any longer.”