When Thugs Wear Uniforms



You can get away with murder when you have got the right friends

Fear Officer Friendly

The mindless slaughter of a vibrant caring woman in the prime of her life by those who are sworn to serve and protect is a horror that is difficult to comprehend. On Saturday, being our 15th of July 2017, Australian woman Justine Damond called Police in Minneapolis to report what sounded like an assault in an alley behind her house.

Justine Damond was slaughtered in cold blood like an animal by those who were supposed to be protecting her.

Ms Damond was approaching the drivers side of the attending squad car when the officer in the passenger seat fired his gun across his partner and shot Ms Damond in the stomach. This event for all intents and purposes was the cold blooded execution of a woman standing only in her pajamas, a woman who had called the Police as per her duty as a member of society.


As it happens neither officer had their body cameras turned on. This event like many others recently raises the question of who to fear more, the criminals or the Police? There have been several incidents where predominately black males have been gunned down under extremely dubious circumstances. Peoples pet dogs have been shot on their own properties in the absence of aggressive behavior on the part of the animal.


Yet holding these Wyatt Earp wannabes accountable is nearly impossible as jury after jury seemingly have no problems with the gunning down of suspects who are either unarmed and or did not behave aggressively toward Police. It remains to be seen how long American society will tolerate the slaughter of people who died at the hands of a Police force that reaches for a firearm as a matter of course.


These events provide clear and compelling arguments that the routine arming of our own Police is highly undesirable. Guns are a tool that will always be required in rural areas and in some Police and Animal Control work but New Zealand does not have a mindless gun culture and that is something New Zealand needs to make sure never takes root in this country.


Justine Damond died in part because she had not learned to fear the Police. Her death is an outrage and an indictment on a sick obsession with firearms that has contaminated American society, all the while being fueled by lobby groups such as the National Rifle Association. Justine Damond is the latest, but sadly not the last victim of those who politic and trade in the tools of murder and death. It is not hard to see why America is rapidly losing whatever respect the rest of the world once had for it.


Justine Damond was attempting to assist a woman who Justine believed may have been suffering a sexual assault. This  action is truly commendable as many people would have turned  their backs on the potential victim and ignored what was going on. Not Justine Damond though. Justine stepped up and was gunned down for her efforts and her death has ignited the rage in millions.


Justine Damond is a hero and she must never be forgotten. The world is a poorer place without her.