Vocational Independence Occupational Assessment

Vocational Independence Medical Assessment



The Vocational Independence Assessment



The process for the Vocational Independence arm of the legislation is essentially the same as the Vocational Rehabilitation process. The fundamental difference is found in the outcome. The purpose of the VI process is to determine if you are able to work in any role you have ever fulfilled in your working life. The latitude given to the assessors in making VI determinations is quite wide. Earnings are only relevant if the assessor decides they are relevant under legislation changes initiated by Minister Nick Smith. It does not matter if the work type you are found Vocationally Independent in is no longer available.


If it was not for the determined efforts of Kaye Martin and Karen McGrath the VI process would have continued to be the tool of decimation the Corporation used to cull clients in the purge of 2009 - 2012. Now that some balance has been restored by the High Court a claimant can take steps to protect themselves against the feared VI assessments. The VIOA takes place to determine job types that a claimant is suitable for through qualifications and or experience. The VIMA takes place to determine if you are clinically cleared to  work in any of the identified job types. If a claimant is found to be Vocationally Independent then the weekly compensation is cut off after three months.